bernadett matassa

IFBB PRo BIKINI Bernadett Matassa Interview

Sexy IFBB Pro Bikini Bernadett Matassa is our featured inspirational female fitness model of the week. Check out her full interview and hot pictures below. How did you get started ...
foam roller 5

Keep Fit with a Foam Roller – 5 Exercises You Can Do at Home

It may not look all that special but this cylinder shaped piece of foam is one of the cheapest and most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the market today. Whether it be balance, ...
six pack abs 8 pack

5 Reasons Why A Six Pack Rocks

If you’re into bodybuilding one of your main goals should be to get a six pack. I know that sounds superficial and shallow but if we’re going go there then you can say the ...
small bicep

5 reasons why your biceps are small

So you want big biceps but can’t seem to get them to grow to save your life. You are insecure about your physique because you have skinny arms. While you shouldn’t be insecure ...
apple or cake

Fitness Nutrition Tips

What you eat is as important or even more important than what you do in the gym. Your nutrition is responsible for how you feel and look more than anything else. That’s why fitness ...
heavy deadlift, free weight

How to overcome training plateaus

Everyone who trains seriously in the gym will ┬áhave to deal with training plateaus. Nobody is safe from hitting ┬ásome plateaus once they’ve been working out for while, from ...
Guide to calories food infographic

Food Infographic – Guide to Calories

This food infographic gives an idea of how much calories are in certain popular foods, how much calories you’re supposed to consume, and how to burn some. This knowledge will ...
aesthetic body

4 Day Split Workout for Building Muscle

From my experience, split workout routines are superior to full body workouts when it comes to hypertrophy. I’ve never run into a serious weight lifter or bodybuilder who doesn’t ...
Tanya Naghten picture

Featured Fitness Model: Tanya Naghten

Fitness hottie Tanya Naghten is our featured fitness model of week. Check out her Q & A and beautiful pictures below. How you did you get into fitness? I have always been into fitness, ...
famous six pack abs

How To Build Six Pack Abs

I don’t know of anything in fitness more desirable to men and more attractive to women than a nice set of well sculpted six pack abs. There is something very masculine about having ...
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