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Sexy fitness model and Muay Thai fighter Chontel Hau is our featured fitness hottie of the week. Check out her bio and hot pictures below.

Bio: I have always been involved in sports since a young age & also modeled since I was 14yrs. Throughout school I was age champion for Track n Field, excelling in sprints 100m/200m, High Jump & Long Jump. I was always involved in some kind of team sport such as Basketball, Rugby League, Volleyball, Netball & Touch Football. Then around 16-17 I began Weight Lifting & Boxing, after i completed high school I only ever did Gym & what ever fitness class was being held at that time but this is where I lost most of my motivation for training until around 2009 where i stumbled across the sport Muay Thai Kickboxing which caught my attention & a found myself quickly becoming obsessed with the style of training loving all that was to do with this sport.

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Fitness: When I got to my peek fitness level the next step was to get stronger without slowing down or increasing too heavily in muscle mass. I completed my studies & found a method of weight training that built incredible strength without gaining too much mass so still benefiting my Muay Thai Fitness obsession. With this came a new healthy fit physique that led me to be encouraged to compete in a number of Body Sculpting Competitions. I never really fit in to a category for Body Sculpting so therefore I was never receiving call outs & most certainly never placed, as I would be too lean for Bikini yet not big enough for figure, then a federation called INBA introduced a Fitness Category which was smack bang in the middle of Bikini & Figure. I entered their comp first year of them introducing the category & was place 1st, something that I will always remember & cherish.

Chontel Hau

Typical Day: An example of a typical Monday would be this;

4:30am-10am Training clients. *I train Muay Thai Fitness so this involves a lot of physical work in order to hold the pads.

10:30am Legs Day


4-6 Reps 90kg Barbell Squats > 20x Suspension Jump Squats > 12x 50kg Barbell Walking Lunges


4-6 Reps 60kg Straight Leg Deadlifts (Time under tension) > 25 Jumping Lunges


5x 90kg Sled Push/Pulls (8m strip) > 50x 40kg Kettle bell Sumo Squats > 50x Box Jumps

4x 90kg Sled Push/Pulls (8m strip) > 40x 40kg Kettle bell Sumo Squats > 40x Box Jumps

3x 90kg Sled Push/Pulls (8m strip) > 30x 40kg Kettle bell Sumo Squats > 30x Box Jumps

2x 90kg Sled Push/Pulls (8m strip) > 20x 40kg Kettle bell Sumo Squats > 20x Box Jumps

1x 90kg Sled Push/Pulls (8m strip) > 10x 40kg Kettle bell Sumo Squats > 10x Box Jumps

Back to work in the office of HIIT Station

2:30pm-6:30pm Start training clients again

6:30pm HIIT 1hour Class of Muay Thai Kickboxing

7:30pm-9pm Finish training clients

Fav Cardio: Muay Thai in a HIIT style

Chontel Hau

Favorite Music : All R&B & Hip Hop: Old school & new. We have a very big sound system so you definitely cant even hear yourself breathing.

Embarrassing Song that I workout to….. Will Smith Get jiggy with it.

Chontel Hau


Diet: My partner is the man behind all of my nutrition, my diet normally consists of 6 Days solid on the correct ratios chosen by Sam Duncan in Good Fats, Carbs, Protein & Greens with supplementation etc & 1 day off the plan which I dont abuse but where I can enjoy a meal without a stress of timing and weighing etc

Oats, Whole Grain Bread, Natural Peanut Butter, Macadamia Oil, Bags of Mixed Leaf Salad, Yellow Mustard, Hard Organic Tofu, Snapper, Mixed Frozen Berries & Grain fed Eggs cartons (Omega 3 rich).

Inspiration: I don’t have a particular inspiration influence but recently I have been following a lady called Emily Skye who has a rockin hot bod.

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Cheat meal: Grilled Field of Mushrooms Burger & Frozen Coconut Yogurt.

Supplements: I use all Punish Natural Nutrition. WPI, Glutamine, Berri BCAA’s & then Fish Oils.

Chontel Hau

Goals: I hope to grow & continue the HIIT Station Empire.



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